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Support General the FrontEnd is displaying Old Meta

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    Resolved Newbreak Media

    My meta values aren't updating to the front end. it's displaying the first values I saved in the post.

    I have metabox and metabox groups and metabox conditional logic installed... am I missing another plugin or setting?

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    Newbreak Media

    The only difference I can see between my code for this plugin and for another plugin I made that does work, is that the one that's not working is using groups...

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Emily,

    Could you please try to deactivate all plugins except Meta Box and MB extensions, clear the cache then check the issue again? If it still happens, please take a screen record with Loom, share the link and the code which shows value to the frontend in your next post, I will take a look and give a quick response.

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