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Support General "Trying to get property 'plugin' of non-object" after upgrade to metabox 5.x

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    ErrorException (E_NOTICE)
    Trying to get property 'plugin' of non-object

     * Check if a plugin has an update to a new version.
     * @param object $plugin_data The plugin update data.
     * @return bool
    private function has_update( $plugin_data ) {
        $plugins = get_plugins();
        return isset( $plugins[ $plugin_data->plugin ] ) && version_compare( $plugins[ $plugin_data->plugin ]['Version'], $plugin_data->new_version, '<' );

    Hi, wordpress backoffice inaccessible due a invalid object: $plugin_data->plugin

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    Anh Tran

    Hi, which version of WordPress are you using? Since v5, WordPress has a mechanism that allows you to access the Dashboard if there's any error. Please try it first. The please go to Dashboard -> Updates and click "Check Now" button to refresh the updates.

    If bug still happens, please send me a temporary admin account. I'll check that for you.

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