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Support MB REST API Trying to update a CPT meta field and getting a 401

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    Jim Hunter

    I need to update a 'last_viewed' field via REST and am following the convention of /wp/v2/category_sponsor/1141 then passing in a JSON data packet like:
    { "meta_box": { "last_viewed" : "current date/time"}}
    But I am getting a response from the server of:

    "code": "rest_cannot_edit",
    "message": "Sorry, you are not allowed to edit this post.",
    "data": {
    "status": 401

    I am not going to include login authentication info because this is in JavaScript in the client browser, so is there a setting I can change to allow non-authenticated CPT updates via REST API?

    I had my own API for this before I moved to MB, so I wanted to do it the MB way. If it's not possible, I can go back to using my own code for posting back.


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    Long Nguyen


    It's very dangerous if you disable the authentication of WP REST API because anyone can manipulate data on your site. MB REST API does not support an option/setting to turn it off. If you do in a testing site, please refer to this topic

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