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Support Meta Box Conditional Logic URGENT: Unable to make the Conditional Plugin work after activation ;(

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    I am unable to make it work.

    It isn’t working on localhost nor on my production server online ;(

    The Meta Box Tabs plugin, that I have purchased previously, is working nice on both localhost and online on the production server.

    I have followed the docs and after activation of the plugin (I have slelected the zip file when selecting a plugin fiel and then click on activate, everything went well and now the plugin Meta Box Conditional Logic is activated and the background is blue.

    Version of Meta Box is:

    Version of Meta Box Conditional Logic:

    WordPress version:

    After I have tried all combinations from the documentation including hidden, vissible, I tried to set same string for opion and value to reduce the error possibility like:

                        'name'  => 'Test me now:',
                        'id' => "test_me_now",
                        'type' => 'select',
                        'options'     => array(
                            'abc' => 'abc',
                            'def' => 'def',
                            'ghi' => 'ghi'

    and then checking it for the field I want to show/hide based on the option selected:

                        'name'  => 'Test price:',
                        'id' => "my_test_price",
                        'type' => 'text',
                        'visible' => array( 'test_me_now', '=', 'ghi' )

    But nothing! I can select anything, everything is shown, nothing is hidden.

    I have tried hidden and != as an operator but nothing works ;(

    I have tried other fields and when nothing wokred I tried your example from docs:

                        'id'    => 'brand',
                        'name'  => 'Brand',
                        'desc'  => 'Pick Your Favourite Brand',
                        'type'  => 'select',
                        'options' => array(
                            'Apple'         => 'Apple',
                            'Google'        => 'Google',
                            'Microsoft'     => 'Microsoft'
                        'id'    => 'apple_products',
                        'name'  => 'Which Apple product that you love?',
                        'type'  => 'radio',
                        'options' => array(
                            'iPhone'    => 'iPhone',
                            'iPad'      => 'iPad',
                            'Macbook'   => 'Macbook',
                            'iWatch'    => 'iWatch'
                        // Conditional Logic can applied to fields
                        // In this example: Show this field by default, 
                        // hide it when user selected different value than 'Apple' on brand select field
                        'hidden' => array( 'brand', '!=', 'Apple' )

    However, nothing happened. The radio buttons are shown all the time from the beginning. I can select Apple, Google, Microsoft but nothing is happening ;(

    I don’t get it, because the tabs plugin is working. Why is the conditional logic not working?

    Even the exact doc example is not working ;(

    Is there any way how can I turn it on? Thank you for your help.

    Btw. I have turned to show all php errors in my plugin with:


    and also

    I do not see any errors or warnings for JS or CSS in my browser debugger.

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    Tan Nguyen

    Hi Jan,

    Please view your website and see the magic 😉 I’ve just updated code in your pemtec/includes/custom-post-fields.php

    I have checked your code and see that you’re not register meta boxes by rwmb_meta_boxes filter. So Conditional Logic can’t get these fields. Please see example at:

    Sorry, my computer was broken fn, up, down, left, right, backspace key so I can’t reply you quicky.

    Best regards
    Tan Nguyen


    Great. Thank you a lot. Now, it’s working as it should 😉

Viewing 2 replies - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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