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Support Meta Box Builder Unable to update any custom metas/fields

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    I have a website that involves reviewing websites against certain criteria/features, etc.
    To do this, many of my review posts have a custom metabox fields that lets me add the info to the post and re-use it across the site.

    Since July, I've been unable to add any new criteria/features OR completely new Custom Fields. If I do, all my existing Custom Fields are removed - the whole lists just show blank entirely.

    Support suggested I try changing the mbb_version number in the wp_options via PHPmyadmin - but this doesn't exist in my database, having checked.

    Any suggestions? I haven't been able to add any info for ages!

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Ben,

    Please follow these steps:

    • Update Meta Box Builder to the latest version.
    • Refresh the admin area, and then verify if the mbb_version is available in the wp_options table. If yes, then the database upgrade works.
    • Try editing the fields again.

    I had already done that. It's at the latest version, there is no mbb_version, and the Custom Field screens are still blank as in the image before.

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