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Support Meta Box Updater Updater missing from "recommended" plugins

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    Is the Updater missing from the recommended plugins list?

    Or is it because I'm using AIO that it's not included?

    Or am I just confused? 🙂

    It seems I could not add my licence key until after I installed the Updater, but the Updater was not available in the "Install Plugins" list even though it is free.

    So I added it using AIO, but this seems to be the wrong place for it since it's one of the free plugins. Is this because it is not allowed in the WP Repo?

    (sorry for the machine gun questions, it just seems to be slightly strange that the key can't be inserted until after Updater is installed, but the Updater is not one of the Recommended plugins.)

    What happens if people don't have the developer key with AIO? Do they need to manually install Updater before they can add their key?

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Guy,

    The Updater is not on WP repo (they don't allow to host just an updater on Instead, it's included in the AIO the same way as premium extensions and you can find it in the premium extension list in the Settings page.


    Thanks Anh, that makes sense. It seems strange that custom updaters are not allowed (but Hello Dolly is) 😉

    Anyway, you can close this if you want, cheers

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