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Support MB Frontend Submission Updating Gallery From Fron-End Not Working

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    Resolved swartjie

    Hey Guys,

    Can you please advise. i am having trouble with Meta Box Front-End Submissions with a gallery.

    I need to allow users to upload images to the gallery and i'm not winning.

    So the field is for a user's profile. And works fine from the back-end, but from the front-end nobody can upload images to the gallery, I have tried with image_advanced (which shows but no changes are saved) aswell as EVERY other image field, none of them seem to save the image to the profile...

    Do you have any advise?
    Also, the image advanced allows them to see all images, I don't want to allow them that access, I'd like them to only be able to see their own images uploaded since the gallery will only show them that once the images is saved...

    Kind Regards

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    Long Nguyen


    To upload an image for the user's profile (avatar) in the front end, you need to follow this documentation to use the shortcode [mb_user_profile_info] and this article to create a custom user avatar.

    Regarding the field image_advanced, it uses the WordPress Media Library to upload images and need a high level of the user to access the media library. You can use the field image to allow the user to upload images without using the media library.

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