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Support MB Frontend Submission 'upload_dir' and 'image_pload' Field

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    Nicholas Cox


    I want to be able to use the 'upload_dir' in the 'image_upload' field type. I do realise that it does not work. What I am after is the look of the 'image_upload' field in terms of the drag and drop image sorting and multiple file uploads.

    So I performed a test with the 'image' field below and it turns out the 'upload_dir' does work for this field too. Even though its not in the docs. So I could use this field but how would I go about adding the image preview and drag and drop support to this?

        'name'             => 'Images',
        'id'               => 'images',
        'type'             => 'image',
        'force_delete'     => true,
        'max_file_uploads' => 6,
        'upload_dir' => WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/test/',

    I guess if this is not possible then looking from this post it looks like I will have to wait for the feature to be included. Any news on this?

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    Long Nguyen


    The setting upload_dir only available for the field file. The feature request is on the development backlog, please wait for future updates.

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