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    Resolved Robert Wilson

    I'm wondering if it is possible to create a frontend submission form using Metabox form builder for a 3rd party plugin. I've created a custom post type for "Meetings" and have a form set up for that fillable from the frontend. One of the fields is for the shortcode to use for a Zoom meeting that is associated with the Meeting. Not all Meetings will have a Zoom component. Right now the Zoom plugin requires creating the Zoom meeting in the admin side of the site. I would like to have users do that on the frontend as it is a private site and I don't want them in the admin area. Can this be done? Would it be possible to combine my CPT frontend form with the Zoom frontend form if it is possible?

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    Long Nguyen


    As I understand, you want users can create a post type Meeting and post type Zoom on the frontend via the Frontend Submission form.

    Yes, the extension Frontend Submission helps users create any post (CPT) in the frontend, but it can only create one post type for each form. I think you can create Zoom posts before (predefined) then show it in the form (create post Meetings) as a select box with the field post or use MB Relationships.

    Robert Wilson

    Thank you. That workflow makes sense. I have tried looking for documentation on "how" to use Frontend Submission to create a form to add my Zoom meetings but can't seem to find anything discussing that. I'm probably not looking in the right places. Is there a tutorial or post somewhere that goes through the process of creating a frontend form for a post type from a 3rd party vendor (not

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