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    We are working on a membership site where each user represents a Foundation that provides grants. I have created the CPT and the Custom Fields of the CPT. I have followed the setup found here ->

    I could not get it to work. However, when I gave the user a normal <post> (not a CPT post), the dashboard shows that post and the user can edit or delete it.

    Is there a way to allow users to edit entries in the CPT/Custom Fields to which they are assigned author?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Chris,

    Did you add the attribute post_type to the frontend submit shortcode?

    [mb_frontend_form id="meta-box-id" post_fields="title,content" post_type="cpt-slug"]

    You can also share the two frontend shortcodes that you are using. I will help you to check them.


    I was not using the parameter on the correct short code. Silly mistake. Thanks for the help! It's working great now.


    I'm also trying to do this using CPTs.
    In your examples above, why do you have the post_fields="title, content" part?
    This just seems to add extra fields to the existing CPT. So why is it needed? Or is it?

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Alan,

    When creating/updating the post in the backend, you can see some default input boxes such as title, content, featured image, date publish ... In the frontend, we call it post_fields. Please get more details here

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