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Support MB Frontend Submission Users don’t have the option to edit

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    Resolved TravisEstes

    @Anh I'm having a similar issue to this...

    MB Builder
    MB User Profile
    MB Front End Submission

    My form fields are appearing, but...
    1) Users don't have the option to edit from where they left off. It creates a new post every time and deletes previous information
    2) I have User Registration fields mapped to 'Users', and a separate form as a "User Profile" mapped to another post type ( I'm using WPFacet and have the MB fields mapped to their UPT Users Post Type that makes Users searchable.) Every time I update the User Registration form fields it wipes the information from my 'User Profile' fields.

    Help is super appreciated!

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    Anh Tran

    Hi Travis,

    I've split your topic into a separated one, since it's a different problem.

    1) To let users edit their own posts, you need to set post_id in the shortcode. This tutorial covers all the steps to do that. Please try it.

    2) I'm quite confused about the object types you set for User Registration and User Profile. Is "Users" a custom post type or is it WordPress users?

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