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    Hi Anh -

    I'm creating a client portal that uses a few different CPTs - one is TRAINING. The client plans to upload videos for employees to review. But after viewing the video, users need to complete a short quiz about the video.

    I'd like to use Gravity Forms since they have a Quiz add-on... I need to be able to track quick activity and relate to a specific video - so having the quiz displayed as a part of the CPT is important - I think.

    Is this possible? and if so - how would I proceed?


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    Anh Tran

    Hi Neil,

    I think it's possible:

    • You have a CPT - training
    • Each post with the "training" has a video, which is a Meta Box's field.
    • It also has a quiz attached to it. Quiz can be created in GF or any plugin. Then attach to the CPT with Meta Box's select field (or any field that allows you to choose a quiz). The options of the select field might need custom code to fetch all available quiz to select from.

    On the front end, you can simply display the video and the button to start the quiz. When the quiz is done, see if there's any hook to allow you to update the post (training). If yes, then simply add the tracking data you want. If you want to track the video ID, then you can add the video (attachment) ID.

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