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    Thomas Pinkus


    I have a multisite network I'd like to use MB Settings Pages, Customer Post Types, and Custom Fields on. I've puchased the entire Meta Box AIO and I'm not a coder - so the builders are great for me. What I'd like to do is not have to duplicate my work for each and every subsite on the network. Also, if I need to add something late, I'm seeing a nightmare ahead. Is there a way to make this so what I build on the mainsite gets copied to all the subsites?


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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Thomas,

    You can create setting pages in the Network Area to use for all subsites. But the custom post types and custom fields are not supported like that. You have to create for each site manually.

    Or you can export to a json file and import to other sites. Please read more here

    Thomas Pinkus


    Thank you for this, I was able to do the Export / Import and it worked perfectly.

    My follow up question is what will happen if I try and import over and existing set of Custom Post Types and Custom Fields? Lets say I want to exand what I've already done, so I do that on a staging environment not moving anything, but just adding new tabs and new custom fields to existing tabs and the new one. Then I export the NEW JSON and them go to import on exisiting sites, will it mess with the data that has already been imput into the exisiting custom fields? Does this make sence?

    Also.. on a side note - where in the DB is the custom field data stored


    Long Nguyen


    If you do not change anything settings of current custom fields and meta box, just add new fields and tabs, the new fields and tabs will be imported as an update of the meta box (field group), and do not mess the current data.

    By default, the custom field stored value in the default table of WordPress wp_postmeta. In an advanced case, they could be stored in the custom table.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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