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    Patrik Jansson

    Good day!

    I´m trying to display a image from a custom field in Divi. The field appear as expected within the page builder (and it seem to read the field since it´s not giving a warning) - but it is not displayed in the builder or front-end.

    Is it misinterperating the array or something, maybe there is a workaround?

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    Patrik Jansson

    On further investigation - the question might be: how do I output the url of an image?

    Patrik Jansson

    Info from Divi:

    "The Meta Box plugin is probably returning a array or the Image ID when you use its Image Field as a Dynamic Data Source - and that will not work. It will work as text of course"

    Is there a way of translating the output, if there is a function that can be run in code snippets or simular?

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Patrik,

    If you use the image field with the setting 'multiple' => true, it will save the list of image IDs in the database and Divi might not work with that data type. For example: field type image_advanced, image, image_upload.

    You can try to use the field type single_image, it works like the featured image option of WordPress.

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