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Support MB Frontend Submission using metabox fields for front end submission

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    Is it possible to show metabox fields for post fields.

    I mean post_fields as:

    List of post fields you want to show in the frontend, separated by comma. Supported following fields: title, content, excerpt, date, thumbnail.

    So can we use these fields in from metabox.

    For example i want to use title field that i created as text field with with metabox.

    I want to to use content and excerpt fields that i created as WYSIWYG fields with metabox.

    So i can arrange and reorder these fields...


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    Yes, it is, just include it in your shortcode example: [mb_frontend_form id="your_mb_id" post_fields="title, content, excerpt, date, thumbnail."]

    You can read more about it here:

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks for your reply David.

    Actually i want to show only metabox id. I want to include title and content fields in metabox fields.

    Like this
    [mb_frontend_form id=”your_mb_id”]

    Title and content fields will be included in metabox..

    I want to achive this.

    There is tutorial about what i need here >

    i hope Anh will add title and content wordpress fields to metabox main plugin. This will be better easy and more comofortable.

    I hope i could tell




    Yes, unfortunately, the post title is a bit more of a pain due to where and how the data is saved.

    What you could do is write a function in the meantime that mirrors the CF and rewrites the post title with it. You could use the submission hook rwmb_frontend_after_process, so you have the post ID to target the rewrite of the title with as I am not sure the $config submission contains the title.

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