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    I started a topic in MB Relationship section, you can find it here for more details, but to summarize :

    I'm using a complex form in a custom post type with several scripts to dynamically handle which fields appear and which are required, and all data is saved and retrieved from a custom table in database. Thus I can not use MB methods to recreate this form.

    I'm only using Meta Box plugin for its MB relationship extension (which works like a charm to connect my CPT to posts and taxonomies).

    For a few months, required fields stopped working in my CPT, I can save / update a post with empty form. Turns out the problem appeared with version 5.3 of Meta Box plugin (works as intended with 5.2.10).

    Any idea of what may cause this in the MB plugin ? Is there a way to "patch" this manually ?

    Thanks by advance

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    Long Nguyen


    Because meta boxes and fields in the form are created by the default functions of WordPress and validated by custom code, not by our filter and validation, so it is tough to check the issue.

    Please try to check the debug log and Console tab of the browser and let me know if there is any error message.


    Hi Long,

    I got no error message in the debug log, and no more clue with the console tab.

    But I identified where my problem is located : in inc/validation.php

    If I add in the public function enqueue() these lines :

    if ( empty( $object->meta_box['validation'] ) ) {

    My form is validated and works as intended. Is that something that could be taken into account for the next updates ?

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