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    Resolved Infolu

    Hello, I have seen mb-frontend-submission display the following code on my pages,
    <script type = 'text / javascript'>
    / * <! [CDATA [* /
    var conditions = [];
    / *]]> * /
    </ script>

    and how w3org talks
      The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources.

    My question is this displayed code is required or is it some code remainder displayed in the html structure?

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    Anh Tran


    That JS part comes from the Meta Box Conditional Logic extension. It uses WordPress's wp_localize_script to output PHP variables to JavaScript. Any code that use wp_localize_script will have similar output, because it's WordPress's behavior. So we can't do anything here.

    Besides, this is not an error, just a warning. In HTML5, to make things short, type attribute is not necessary for script tag, but having it doesn't cause any harm or invalidation.

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