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Support MB Settings Page Warning on SANITIZER.PHP / NULL ARRAY GIVEN is displayed (just once) when I save

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    Resolved Teia Local Studio

    Hej guys!

    My themes always include the brilliant SETTINGS PAGE metaboxes (using tabs) and everything works like a charm, however, anytime I set up a new theme, for the first time I save the options, I get the following warning. Then, if I refresh the screen or simply save the options again, it never returns.

    I believe it could be something on my code, but I have no idea what should I look for. Can you give me any guidance here?

    WARNING when saving SETTINGS PAGE options

    Although I can live with it, I feel uncomfortable because it seems something is wrong behind the closed doors. =)

    Thank you VERY much.

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    Teia Local Studio


    There are some settings that I save its state (TRUE or FALSE) inside one array to, depending of what it presents, print different metaboxes in the panel.

    The problem is that — I was printing the metaboxes by any means without check if the array was empty or not...

    And since they used the very info to show a SELECT with OPTIONS (where the options are directly dependent of my informational array) things got broken.

    Woow... What I relief. Minutes after posting the topic I did remember about this scene in my code.

    Moderator please, can you lock the topic? All good now.

    And FOREVER grateful for you suite of MetaBoxes AWESOMENESS.
    Really THANK YOU.

    Long Nguyen


    Let me know if you have any questions.

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