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Support General What is the best way to change the default iframe size when using oEmbed?

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    Resolved lighterdayz

    I am using oEmbed field to show post videos in post grid with Beaver Themer field connection shortcode.

    The default iframe size is creating a lot of space above and below the videos. (see below)
    Space output:

    Here is the output from Dev tools:
    <a href=""></a>

    What(and where) is the best way to style the width and height of the iframe?


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    Long Nguyen


    If you embed a Vimeo video, I think you can use the field custom HTML then add all responsive code generated by Vimeo. Screenshot


    Sorry, i maybe wasn't clear.

    I have an oEmbed metabox for the user to insert a featured video for each post. The user will upload both youtube and vimeo videos. I need the videos to populate on an archive type page, which they are now, but the sizing is wrong. Do I need to create a container that the video fits in?
    I need all the videos to show in a uniform iframe size. I don't understand "you can use an html field" when I'm using an oEmbed with field connection in the beaver builder custom layout.

    How can I make the output area uniform?



    I found the answer with CSS. Make a relative position container and make the embedded iframe position absolute.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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