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Support MB Views Where to learn Twig for WordPress / {% set args %} - hierarchical CPTs

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    Hi guys,

    I think that Twig is absolutely fantastic and I really want to learn it. However, I have great difficulty finding Twig code examples related to WordPress and Metabox, except for the basic stuff.
    The documentation is quite limited.

    1. You link to the official documentation of Twig on, however in the context of WordPress it is not so useful. Basically, it's like a GRAMMAR of a language, but it lacks the specific "VOCABULARY" related to WordPress. Without the "vocabulary" used in the context of WordPress/Metabox, it's difficult for me to master it. Is there some more detailed reference with code examples, that I haven't been able to find?
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    3. Is the implementation of Twig in Metabox compatible with Timber, so that their documentation can be applied to Metabox? I tried some things from there and they didn't work for me.
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    5. At the moment, I would like to learn how to filter a loop query of CPTs.
      The CPTs are hierarchical and I would like to display all posts that have a parent post of the same type. For example, there is a CPT called "places" with such posts:


    In the loop, I would like to display "Tokyo", "Yokohama", "Sydney" but NOT "Japan" and "Australia".
    Also, I would like to show only posts which have a checkbox checked.

    I suppose it is done through this:

    {% set args = { post_type: 'places', posts_per_page: -1 } %}
    {% set posts = mb.get_posts( args ) %}

    I just cannot find out how to filter the query by the parent/child status and checkbox status...

    I would not like to bother the support with basic questions, but it's not easy to find such answers about Twig in the documentation or elsewhere on the Internet. I have spent hours searching, but the online materials about Twig in relation to WordPress & Metabox are very scarce. It's quite difficult to find the required "vocabulary" for slightly more advanced tasks.


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    Long Nguyen


    At first, you should have basic knowledge about WordPress functions

    The View helps us to get the returned data from a WordPress or PHP function and show it via the Twig Template Engine. You can read more on Timber document


    I'd like to echo OPs good feelings about Twig in general, and I really like it's use in Metabox Views, but I also find it a bit confusing to know where to find relevant documentation.
    For example, on the Timber docs you've linked, there is a reference to a number of functions in the URLHelper section:
    Unfortunately, none of them seem to work,
    For example if I put {{mb.var_dump(mb.get_current_url()}} in my View, the return is NULL.
    Same with all of the URL helper functions on there as far as I can tell.
    Can you give a bit more detail about what parts of Twig/Timber will and won't work?

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