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    Resolved Nicholas Cox


    I have been reading into WordPress comments and performance in the front end when calling a large number of comments. I know there is ajax and lazy load options but I was just wondering if I was to create my own custom comments table to manage comments and replies (for a custom post type), would it help with front end calling and performance speed vs using the default WordPress comments? as metabox caches calls etc so this may be one benefit?

    I do realise its a vague question as it all depends on the level of data etc but just researching before I start to build and want to make sure I choose the correct option for website speed purposes.


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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Nicolas,

    Meta Box has not supported saving comment meta in the custom table yet. You can implement AJAX as the lazy load option to load a few comments on loading to boost your site speed.

    Nicholas Cox


    Ok thanks for clarifying this, I know what to do now then.


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