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Support MB Favorite Posts Working with cache plugin...

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    in theory this plugin should not have any collision with cache plugins because it works via Ajax. Am I right?

    Unfortunately, it does not work correctly with WP Fastest cache plugin: counters of favorite posts doesnt work correctly and posts on page with [mbfp-posts] shortcode doesn`t appears.

    Have you encountered such a problem?
    Any solutions?

    Thanks in advance

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    P.S. I did some tests with different cache plugins and it looks like the only cache plugin that works with this plugin is WP SUPER CACHE.

    MB Favorite Posts doesnt work with (in my tests):
    - WP Rocket
    - WP Fastest cache
    - WP Litespeed cache

    …and these are practically the most popular cache plugins


    It doesn't work with WP Super Cache either ...

    I give up. Enough of it all... I am uninstalling it.

    Maybe I will look into it again in the future...

    Best regards

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Peter,

    Meta Box uses nonces to prevent misuse or malicious requests. As the nonce fields are outputted directly in the HTML, they might be cached by caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, etc. And thus, the verification of the nonce might not work properly and break Ajax's request. In this case, please do not cache the page where the form is embedded (both caching plugins allow you to do that). For more information, please read this technical article.


    Hi, thanks for your answer.
    „ please do not cache the page where the form is embedded”

    But this is plugin called: „Favorite Posts” that mean it is useful if it works on each post of my website.

    So should I switch off cache on my whole website to „MB Favorite Posts” work properely?

    Sorry, but it doesn’t make sense.


    Maybe cache plugins compatibility function will solve the issue? Any chance?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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