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    Long Nguyen


    The shortcode in step 1 should have the attribute post_type to let the dashboard shortcode knows what post type would be edited.

    [mb_frontend_form post_fields="title,content" post_type="cpt-slug"]

    Thank you. Yes, it works as you said but unfortunately, does not bring much utility. These are the steps I followed to test:

      1. Created the For Submission page with this shortcode [mb_frontend_form post_fields="title,content" post_type="cpt-slug"]
      2. Created the dashboard page with this shortcode [mb_frontend_dashboard edit_page="124"]
      Created a CPT manually
      3. Refreshed the dashboard and it shows the CPT with only title and content - which is irrelevant for this CPT.

    This CPT has an elaborate dashboard for itself on the backend - with submenus etc. I was hoping that since it is using Metabox, displaying the dashboard on the frontend should be straightforward with your extension. Appreciate your support.

    Kind regards,


    Am not sure what the roadmap for MB Frontend Dashboard Extension looks like, but it'd be great if you might include a way to, say, register backend dashboards for each menu and submenu item in WordPress admin as CPTs and then displaying it with a shortcode (without the need for a corresponding submission form page). That way, any WP backend screen can be brought to the frontend easily.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 replies - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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