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Support General WP5.3 admin image edit link (pencil icon) opening in _BLANK instead of iframe

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    Resolved Teia Local Studio

    Hey guys!
    Just upgraded this morning to WP5.3 and MB stuff to their latest versions and noticed the following:

    I do use IMAGE_ADVANCED to provide a metabox for a custom gallery inside my posts.

    Everything works as expected, however — when you move the mouse over the thumbnail — the EDIT LINK (the little pencil icon) opens the image edit screen on a _BLANK window/tab, instead of opening on the traditional iframe as before.

    Edit link on uploaded images

    The same happens everywhere, whenever I use IMAGE uploads metaboxes. For example, I have a custom metabox to upload the website logo on the SETTINGS PANEL extension, and, clicking on the PENCIL icon at the image there, acts the same. Brings a new window/tab to edit the image instead of the traditional super quick iframe window.

    Is this WP5.3 related? Or is this some change made by purpose on latest metabox version?

    I see no errors on the console and — comparing the HREF info of the pencil icon with WP5.2.4 it is exactly the same.

    Can you check please?


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    Yard Digital


    I am experiencing the exact same problem. I noticed this issue in one of my sites after I updated WordPress to 5.3.

    To reproduce this I did a clean install of WordPress 5.3, theme twentytwenty and ONLY the plugin. I created an image_advanced field and tried to edit an image. I recorded the issue and I did get an error in my console.

    I don't see any options to include the recording here, so I will send this in a seperate support ticket.

    What are your ideas on how to fix this?

    Anh Tran

    Hey guys, thanks for your feedback. This bug is fixed here.

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