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Support MB Custom Post Type WP5.3 — Invalid arg. supp. for foreach class-wp-post-type.php

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    Resolved Teia Local Studio

    Hello Guys!
    Another problem that raised on WP5.3 since my update yesterday.

    Warning on PHP

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach in (...)\wp-includes\class-wp-post-type.php

    MB Custom Post Type is throwing me this permanent warning on WP Admin after I create a custom post type WITH JUST THE TITLE FIELD, nothing else. Yes, it's intentional... I use only the title and add a buch of metaboxes to handle the content. Don't need the traditional editor (or the nightmarish Gutenberg) for my CPT.

    If I add EDITOR field, the warning is gone.
    Can you guys take a look?
    Back on WP 4.2.X this was not happening.

    Thank you!

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    Anh Tran


    Let me take a look at that. I guess it's a problem in WP, since the plugin is just a wrapper of register_post_type function. But I'll check more to be sure.

    Teia Local Studio

    Yes, yes, I believe so.

    The problem happens just when we create a CPT with just the TITLE field.
    Creating a CPT with TITLE and other field, just like AUTHOR one, brings no warnings.

    Anyway, it's not a big problem, I just found out pertinent to inform!


    Anh Tran

    Just fixed it in the recent version. Please upgrade.

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