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    When you “duplicate” a field that is inside of a group, the new field drops to the bottom of the fields editor and not the bottom inside the group. That makes editing large forms with lots of groups way more difficult than it should be.

    For the Date, DateTime and Time fields ACF lets me define both the display format and the save format. So I can display a date as “m/d/Y”, but store it as “Y-m-d” in the database. That would be nice here was well. And I can specify the format using the PHP date format instead of the JS format.

    Since you can specify DISABLED and READONLY in the code, it would be nice to have checkboxes in the builder. Also, one interesting thing in ACF is that if I set a Group to READONLY, all of the fields inside of the group are affected. I don’t have to specify them individually.

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    This seems to be the biggest negative about Meta Box and a frequent issue for a lot of developers… Distributing Meta Box with our projects.

    For me, it’s not about sticking something in the repository or even selling a premium plugin, it’s just about having to go through 15+ steps every time I build a new web site in order to get everything installed so that my own plugin will work. And Composer (if it works) is great, but Meta Box really needs to be rebuilt so that it can be distributed much more easily.

    Maybe that’s a separate premium product, Meta Box as a library instead of a plugin. I’d pay ANOTHER couple hundred dollars for that.

    At the very least it’s gotta be made easier to install the core plugin and all of the premium addons. If I put my license key in Meta Box AIO, it should access my account and let me install/activate the premium addons as well as the free ones.

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    Targeting CSS to a specific metabox.

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