Fantastic Plugin! I Use It All The Time
I couldn’t say enough good things about this plugin. it has allowed us to do so much more in WordPress with very little coding.

This is one of the coolest plugins and most useful plugins I have used throughout my 6+ years of WordPress.

— ewebify, Local SEO Services

I love this
This is such a fantastic plugin and I really feel like it should almost be built into WordPress core functionality. Absolutely simplifies everything. I use it with custom post types regularly with zero problems. Easy to interface with API’s, very intuitive, five stars! Thanks so much!

— jdarrohn

Great πŸ™‚

— amitrh

Good job!
Thanks for your hard work! this plugin is awesome!

— ngrambe

My best choice forever
Present at each site developed.
Thanks πŸ™‚

— Sema HernΓ‘ndez

really awesome
your plugin is really appreciable!

— anand

The best and the capablest
I use this plugin in every project.

— certainlyakey

Great !
simple, fully complete and well documented. It’s what I was looking for, thank you very much

— erno14

Very Useful
Wish I’d found this plugin earlier!

— pipdig

Great plugin, clean code.
Saved many of my developing hours. Covers the majority of possible needs. Clean code. Excellent!

— nomdev

This is damn good! Highly appreciated, +1

— xiuxam

Incredibly useful.
A comprehensive array of possibilities. SO USEFUL.

— sashafiero

You’re doing a good job
Plugin works fine, as expected. Has a lot of options. Lightweight. Great!

— Gioni

5 stars

— radwan hallak

Lovely plugin
– has everything WP lacks

— boutzamat

Clean and simple yet powerful
Couldn’t live without it.

— stevejbrobinson

Superb & best metabox plugin!
This is a Superb & best metabox plugin!

— nomans_beauty

Very powerful plugin for WordPress!
Just great! it saves me a lot of time!

— IsraEs

If only I had known about this plugin earlier. I stumbled on it looking for something else. It works flawlessly and can be as simple or complex as you need.

— taylorn16

Really loving it. This really saves a lot of time while making back-end for my plugins. Now cant think to live without it! πŸ™‚

— Mohammad Mursaleen

good job
powerful plugin to create convenient admin workflows in the backend.

— jarnoschi

A Perfect Plugin
Sits in the back of every site we run. Always dependable, no horrid admins or ads. Just works the way you want.

Just had a look at the Premium options too and they’re first class.

A job done VERY well

— RiseOfLex88

Good plugin
Realy good plugin, but it seems that we can’t add metaboxes in user profile page while other plugins can.

— moduv5

Very nice 5 star plugin.

— demdous

very good
Like this

— aminzpro

5 stars for useful plugin!
5 stars for useful plugin!

— suifengtec

One of my favourites
I were using this awesome WordPress plugin for months and really love it.
Thanks to the developer to contribute it to the WordPress community <3

— Thong Tran

Excellent plugin
Used on two sites – so far so good, plugin is well written, well supported, and extremely useful. It’s flexible, and extends WordPress backend functionality brilliantly. Good job!

— jasonbradberry

Easy but powerful
So far, this plugin has solved my problem. It makes the creation of metabox a breeze. No flaws found yet. 5/5.

— hamdirizal

Seems to be best meta box plugin
Solid solution for creating meta boxes. However with 4.3.6 version there was no /demo folder (when downloaded from WordPress plugin repository).

— madis

It works fine
I’m really impress by this plugin. It works fine. πŸ˜‰

— nattila

meta-box.php helps me very much !!!
Thanks )))

— SergSlon

simple to use

— zkenstein

Thanks so much!

— Tran Cuong

Great work!
I am really impressed with this plugin. It saves my lot of time as well as work.

I will recommend everyone to use this plugin if you are a developer and want to focus on the functionality rather than coding the things already available.

Good luck guys, keep it up!


— Nitin Yawalkar

One of the best plugin!
Easy to use! Super!

— Viktor Solovey

That way you should write plugins!
Speechless. Just flawless…

— rendfall

Best Metabox Plugin
I’m really impress by this plugin. It works fine and the use is really easy. Thank you for this awesome Plugin.

I saw the actual Development Version – nice new functions. But when is the release of this version?

— Sascha

So flexible
… and Rilwis is the coolest. Very attentive to questions and answers in his forum, if I get confused in the documentation- which is pretty good too.

I think this plugin could be integrated into WP core. It is VERY very useful.

— nimmolo

Great plugin, awesome support, well documented
Absolutely appreciate this plugin. Read all the documentation first, explore the forums and it’ll pay off. Very useful for customizing pages for clients. Thanks!

— rickahontas

All you need for meta boxes
I was going to create my own meta boxes before finding this plugin.


— reardestani

Loving it
I truly love this plugin, use it at almost every WordPress website I build!

— Barry Kooij

Easy and fast
It makes my life easier, thanks.

— roine

Save time and give opportunities
Nice code and always updated !

— sinusite

The Meta Box Toolbox
Easy to use and invaluable

— Rico Leuthold

Great and useful plugin
Does what it says. Easy to use. Time saver. I love it.

But I can’t give it 5 stars because the documentation has some holes. For example, right now the documentation says there are 19 fields types, when in actuality there are more like 24.

— drywallbmb

I liked the former tutorials for using custom fields, now i use the Plugins. Love it.

— Very, bery helpful

Good plugin
Good plugin. I hope we can use this in options page too

— Unsal Korkmaz

Worked Awesome in Many of My Projects
Meta Box Plugin, worked awesome in many of my projects.

I have mostly embedded it into a theme and it worked great.

— M.Saqib.Sarwar

Love it
I’ve been using this since it was simply a library on Rilwis’s blog post. I’ve been happy to watch it mature into a great plugin. The flexibility it offers is superb and I use this in most of my projects. Thanks guys!

— mojowill

Does what it says it does.
This plugin is very powerful. Using it does require writing your own functions, which if you are not comfortable doing, than this is not the plugin for you. The plugin has excellent documentation that helped one as weak in the ways of php as I am create and return values from two custom metaboxes. If it weren’t for this plugin I would not have been able to implement all the features I needed in the theme I am working on.

— Josh Pollock

Great plugin
Easy yet sophisticated. Especially upload metaboxes are impressive.

— cziko

Priceless Use
My boss and I stumbled upon this plugin while needing to do some custom meta boxes. Needless to say we are most likely going to use this plugin from now on, on all of our projects and trust me if you can find a need for it you should too. If your on the edge of trying it or even trying to do the work manually, its more than worth it just to use this and save yourself tons of hours. Also very simple to pick up on understanding in the code.

— JonLimitless

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