2016 is a really big year for Meta Box WordPress. We have been familiar with more people, and people trusted our brand more. In 2017, we aim to provide you an easier functional plugin than ever to become your special chocolate cake and great swiss army knife (someone wrote them in the survey!). So we did a quick survey last few weeks. You cannot imagine how happy we are to receive so many suggestion and commendatory from all over the world! Now we would like to share the results with you, and maybe you can find your answers as well.

More than 50% of the users are in the age range of 22-35, and nearly 90% of users are developers. The business websites are 95% developed by Meta Box among the users, and then followed by Ecommerce and blog more than 60% respectively. The way people know us mainly from Google (over 60%), and WordPress forum (50%). As for the reason choosing us, the answer is quite definite. The ‘functions’ become the first and leave second answer “support” far away. When asking about the words representing the Meta Box, “Simple” “Easy” “custom” “function” become the top mind.

Do we find some problems? Yes, we do! You gave us so many useful information that lights our way in 2017. People still connect us with sometimes buggy. And only 5.5% people know us by social media.

And we find improving UI, adding more features, and developing documentation and examples must be put on our top list. But don’t worry, we have already made a specific plan and schedule for each of them.

As for the last question, “do you have anything else that want to tell us?” we are so appreciate that you wrote a lot of  praises here. Even a small letter! And there are so many useful and benefit suggestions that we cannot put them all. But we will try our best to meet your expectations as soon as possible!

PS: We need you!

Due to this successful survey, we would like to have a Need you page in our homepage to do a survey once a month. This could make us know our weakness and fix them as soon as possible. Also, we would like to send an invitation for all of you. If you have any ideas or codings about Meta Box just contact us, we really want to work with all of you to make Meta Box as the most perfect and helpful plugins never ever.

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