Hello, my name is Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh. I made the Meta Box plugin coincidentally 6 years ago. On April 26th, 2010, while looking for a way to add custom fields to posts quickly with less code, I realized that there was no such a way. So I wrote a tutorial on my personal blog to share a method that I thought it would be useful not for myself but also for other developers and users.

Actually, the method to add custom fields to posts that I guided was inspired by the Canvas framework from WooThemes, as they declared an array and transformed the array into a theme options page. This technique was later developed by Devin Price and was used to make the very popular Options Framework plugin. At that time, there was no one applying the similar technique for custom fields. I liked it very much because it’s simple and easy to use even for beginners, so I researched and wrote the tutorial.

Since then, I expanded this technique and wrote more tutorials describing the process that I developed it. All the tutorials are still published on my personal blog:

  1. How To Create A Better Meta Box In WordPress
  2. How To Create A Better Meta Box In WordPress (Part 2)
  3. Meta Box Script Update V3.0
  4. Update: Meta Box Script v3.2 Is Available

The source code of the old versions of Meta Box is now only stored at Google Code Archive.

(If you’re a developer, you might be interested in the old tutorials and code which can help you understand how I developed the plugin and why did I make the changes)

At that time, I hadn’t thought about making it a plugin but only thought about a supporting script for WordPress developers and users. But when I received a lot of comments and contribution from developers all over the world, I realized that making it a plugin and putting on Github was necessary to collaboration. Not long after that, I put the plugin on WordPress.org so people update it easier. It was November 7th, 2011, a year and a half after Meta Box was born, making the new milestone in the plugin’s life.

Since then, the plugin is constantly updated and improved with new features and bug fixes that users encounter. Until October 19th, 2014, after 3 years, the plugin had its official domain name and kept continuing to grow.

Looking back at the history of Meta Box, we can mark the important milestones as follows:

  1. Version 1.x: Initial version using procedural code
  2. Version 2.x: Started to use OOP to reduce code duplication when registering multiple meta boxes
  3. Version 3.x: Better supported for OOP and could be extended to add new field types
  4. Version 4.x: The plugin is refactored, fields and classes were separated into files which allow developers to extend and collaborate more easily

I’d like to thank a lot those who have helped Meta Box in the first days and supported me during the development stage, especially Franz Josef Kaiser, Piet Bros, Manny Fleurmond, Cor van Noorloos and many others that I’m not able to mention them all. Meta Box and I will not be like who we are today without you!