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What can Meta Box do for you?

Saves Time & Effort

With 35+ field types and a myriad of field options, Meta Box gives you the power to customize in just five minutes.

Integrates with Themes

Specifically designed for themes, Meta Box runs smoothly with any WordPress theme, plugin or website.

 Highly customizable

Fields have a bundle of attributes which can be configured to change the appearance, behaviour to match your exact needs.


Only code needed to run functionality, no advertisements, no admin settings. Files are loaded selectively for backend and frontend separately.

Developer friendly

The plugin has a large collection of actions and filters which help developers to add more functionality to the plugin or change its behaviour.


We have 16 free and premium extensions for your all of your needs. You can also build your own extension or create a new field type easily.


Text Fields Text Fields
Basic Fields Basic Fields
Advanced Fields Advanced Fields
File Image Upload Fields File Image Upload Fields
Media Fields Media Fields
Post Taxonomy Fields Post Taxonomy Fields


Meta Box Group

Meta Box Group

Create repeatable groups of custom fields for better appearance and structure.

Meta Box Builder

Meta Box Builder

Create custom meta boxes and custom fields with drag-and-drop interface.

Meta Box Tabs

Meta Box Tabs

Create tabs for meta boxes easily. Support 3 WordPress-native tab styles.

MB Term Meta

MB Term Meta

Add meta data to categories, tags or any custom taxonomy with simple syntax.


Fantastic Plugin! I Use It All The Time
I couldn’t say enough good things about this plugin. it has allowed us to do so much more in WordPress with very little coding.

This is one of the coolest plugins and most useful plugins I have used throughout my 6+ years of WordPress.

— ewebify, Local SEO Services

I love this
This is such a fantastic plugin and I really feel like it should almost be built into WordPress core functionality. Absolutely simplifies everything. I use it with custom post types regularly with zero problems. Easy to interface with API’s, very intuitive, five stars! Thanks so much!

— jdarrohn

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Collapsible groups with better UI and control

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Introducing Affiliate Program

With more features are being added to the Meta Box core and the extensions, we hope the plugin will be used by more users and developers. And today, we are happy to launch the Affiliate…

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