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MB Divi Integrator

MB Divi Integrator

Integrates Meta Box and Divi theme & page builder to select and show Meta Box's custom fields in Divi.

Mb Toolset Migration

MB Toolset Migration

Migrate custom post types & taxonomies, field groups, custom field data, and relationships from Toolset to Meta Box.

MB Rank Math

MB Rank Math

Add content of custom fields to Rank Math Content Analysis to have better/correct SEO score.

Meta Box - ACF Migration

MB ACF Migration

Migrate field groups and custom field data from Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to Meta Box.

Meta Box - Admin Columns Integration

Meta Box - Admin Columns Integrator

Add columns for custom fields in post, user or taxonomy tables with all features: search, edit, sort and export.

MB Views - Build WordPress templates for singular and archive pages with ease

MB Views

Build front-end templates for WordPress without touching theme files. Support Twig and all field types.

Meta Box - SearchWP Integrator

Meta Box - SearchWP Integrator

Query posts by custom fields, including serialized data (groups) and content in custom tables.

MB Blocks

MB Blocks

Creating custom Gutenberg blocks with PHP. No React, Webpack or Babel. Beautiful syntax, powerful features.

Meta Box - Elementor Integrator

Meta Box - Elementor Integrator

Connect and display custom fields created by the Meta Box plugin in the Elementor's dynamic tags.

Beaver Themer Integrator

Meta Box - Beaver Themer Integrator

Select and show custom fields created by the Meta Box plugin in the Beaver Themer field connection.

mb user profile

MB User Profile

Create register, login and edit user profile forms in the frontend. Embed everywhere with shortcodes.

Create many-to-many relationships between posts, terms, users

MB Relationships

A lightweight WordPress plugin for creating many-to-many relationships between posts, terms and users.

meta box facetwp integration

Meta Box - FacetWP Integrator

Integrates Meta Box and FacetWP, makes custom fields searchable and filterable in the frontend.

Custom table for WordPress custom fields

MB Custom Table

Save custom fields data to custom table instead of the default meta tables. Reduce database size and increase performance.

add custom fields to wordpress comments

MB Comment Meta

Add custom fields to comments in WordPress. Support all field types and options.

track changes in wordpress custom fields with revision

MB Revision

Track changes of custom fields with WordPress revision. Save, compare, restore the changes easily.

show custom fields in rest api


Pull all meta value from posts, terms into the WP REST API responses.

geolocation for custom fields in WordPress

Meta Box Geolocation

Automatically and instantly populate location data with the power of Google Maps/Open Street Maps Geolocation API.

show custom fields in admin columns

MB Admin Columns

Display custom fields in table columns in admin screens for All Posts (types).

create custom post types in wordpress

MB Custom Post Types & Custom Taxonomies

Create and manage custom post types & custom taxonomies easily in WordPress with an easy-to-use interface

add custom fields to yoast seo content analysis

Meta Box for Yoast SEO

Add content of custom fields to Yoast SEO Content Analysis to have better/correct SEO score.

limit text by characters or words

Meta Box Text Limiter

Limit the number of characters or words entered for text and textarea fields.

write custom fields in yaml

Meta Box Template

Define custom meta boxes and custom fields easier with YAML.

add tooltips to meta box fields

Meta Box Tooltip

Display help information for fields using beautiful tooltips.

Show or hide meta boxes conditionally

Meta Box Show Hide

Toggle meta boxes by page template, post format or taxonomy using JS.

organize custom fields in columns

Meta Box Columns

Display fields more beautiful by putting them into 12-columns grid.

organize wordpress custom fields in tabs

Meta Box Tabs

Add as many custom fields as you want and organize them into tabs.