Simple & easy to use

Add new custom meta boxes and custom fields just in 5 minutes with a little PHP.

Generate code with UI

Don't want to code? Use our Online Generator to generate the code for your meta boxes and custom fields.

Fast & lightweight

It's fast and high performance. Only code needed to run functionality, no plugin options, no admin pages. Files are loaded selectively for backend and frontend separately.

A lot of field types

Support 40+ field types from standard fields like text, select dropdown to advanced fields like media upload, map, taxonomy select, etc. You can also can create your own field type easily.

Highly customizable

Fields have a bundle of attributes which can be configured to change the its appearance, behaviour to match your exact needs.

Cloning Fields

Want to create a list of similar fields? Use the clone feature that supports all field types, including media and WYSIWYG fields.

Easy integration

Initially built for themes, now the plugin can be integrated and works smoothly with any theme or plugin. Follow this guide to know how to incorporate Meta Box in your theme or plugin.

get_*_meta Compatible

Data is stored in the meta table with default WordPress behaviour. Compatible with existing data and easy to migrate.

Easy Import / Export

The plugin is fully compatible with WordPress import / export functionality. Never loose your data. Easy migration to new sites.

Multisite Compatible

Meta Box works and is compatible with both standalone installation and multisite installation.


The plugin has been translated into 17 languages. Use it in your own language now.


Meta Box works nicely with WPML, the most popular multilingual plugin for WordPress. Official supported by WPML team.

Developer friendly

The plugin has a large collection of actions and filters which help developers to add more functionality to the plugin or change its behaviour.

Detailed Documentation

We understand that the documentation is a top-priority for developers. So we spend a lot of time writing detailed guide. Not only technical things, but also tutorials.

Open Source

The plugin is hosted on Github and is contributed by developers and users all around the world. Open new issue if you find any bug or fork the project to make it better!

Active Development

We are very active on plugin development. Check out the Github repo to see how we work. Not only fixing bugs, but constantly adding more features.

More Features With Extensions

AIO Plugin

No need to install individual plugins anymore. Just install the AIO and enable the features you want. Available in Developer and Lifetime Bundles only.

Create post types & custom fields with UI

Need to manage all content types without touching code? Use our MB Custom Post Type and Meta Box Builder extensions to do that with friendly UI.

Export to PHP code

With Meta Box Builder, you build custom meta boxes & fields and then can export to PHP code to use without the extension. That can help speedup your sites a little.

Visibility Control

Need to include a meta box only in a specific page or for a specific user? Or toggle a field based on a value of another field? We have 1 2 3 that can help you.

Group Field

Want to group your fields to make them organized? And make clones of them? Our Meta Box Group can do that and more.

Custom Fields for Terms

Want to add custom fields for categories or any taxonomy terms? Check out our MB Term Meta extension.

Custom Fields for Users

Want to add custom fields for user profile? Check out our MB User Meta extension.

Settings Page

Your theme or plugin needs a theme options / settings page? The MB Settings Page can help you do that with little coding.

Frontend Form

Need a frontend submission form for users to submit posts with custom data? The MB Frontend Submission extension can do that easily.


You make an app and want to access data via REST API? No problem, check out this FREE extension.

Content analysis for SEO

Wanna include the content of custom fields for SEO Analysis? We have support for Yoast SEO plugin with MB Yoast SEO extension.

Tabs, Columns, Tooltip

Wanna put fields in tabs, columns or add tooltips to explain the fields? We have several plugins that can help you improve the UI.

Auto Update

All extensions have the auto update functionality. Never miss a patch or new features.

Top-Notch Support

Whenever you have any problem using the plugin or extension, we are here for you. Any time, any problem.