MB Rank Math is a free extension for Meta Box plugin which allows developers to add content of custom fields to Rank Math Content Analysis to have better SEO score.

There are situations when we create custom fields to store real content for the posts. They are actually displayed in the frontend. Search engines such as Google or Bing see them and analyze them. But by default, Rank Math plugin takes only post content to analyze for SEO score and gives us feedback based on the post content. The plugin doesn’t analyze the all the content that appears to the search engine, which is a big missing part and that sometimes confuses us in SEO term.

So, the plugin MB Rank Math fixes that problem by allowing us to add custom fields to the content analyzed by Rank Math plugin. This way, the Rank Math plugin and search engine will see the same content and we will have a correct advice for SEO content as well as correct SEO score.

Rank Math content analysis
Meta Box custom fields are analyzed by Rank Math

See the plugin in action:


  • Support text, textarea and wysiwyg field types.
  • Support cloneable fields


After installing the plugins, just add 'rank_math_analysis' => true to the fields' configuration to add them to Rank Math Content Analysis.

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