Whatever it is, Meta Box is enterprise grade plugin.
Andrew Choi
Solves a Big Problem
Meta Box solves a big problem with related to the limitations of WordPress and transforms it into a CMS that can be used to build true web application. It enables creation of custom posts and custom fields that can also be accessed from the front end which opens up unlimited possibilities of what you can build. I'm going all in on this and will be sharing some examples of what I build inside the Meta Box Facebook group. This one is no-brainer for WordPress users.
Amazing, mature solution for custom WordPress websites
I've been following the development of Meta Box from afar for a number of years. Probably since around 2012. In that time Meta Box has always been solid, lightweight, with clean and minimal coding and has been supported well by Anh Tran who is invested in doing things the right way (following best practices). Being a long-time Advanced Custom Fields user I never really saw the need for a tool like Meta Box. However, since the ability to create post types, views (with TWIG - YAY!) and custom data tables has arrived, it's become a more attractive option over ACF. I no longer need to write code for custom post types, or to install CPTUI with a load of ads. I can also create my own code and shortcodes with Views. Or, on more complex projects I can keep a clean, performant database. Of course you can do all of those things with extra plugins (or by writing code) but Meta Box makes it so easy and from one unified, light suite of tools. Overall, Meta Box is a solid, reliable and incredibly useful plugin for WordPress that will enable developers of all abilities to create complex and performant websites quickly and simply.
Trust me, this is a clean plugin - well worth it! Faster and cleaner than the ACF/Pro used a bunch by oxygen builder users that I've noticed a bunch of!
Shree Mulay
Meta Box has a plugin to create custom post types in the package. Before that, I had to use a custom fields plugin + a support plugin. Now that I have this tool, it's more convenient. The interface is also good.
Mike Blood
The Easiest Review Ever
When you get more into (serious) WordPress development and its eco-system, you'll immediately found out how Meta Box is just an awesome piece of software. Today, they've created additional builders (awesome!) to EASILY create custom fields, post types, and taxonomies. So, now it's easier than ever to build those stuff. Also, they have a GREAT knowledge base (another awesome!) with real world examples, code snippets and general instructions.
5 Stars!
This tool is a must have fully loaded. All you can eat buffet of a tool for website enhancement and is the best in the game as if beats it's competitors with more options. This is the future of website creation and client management. I want to work smarter not harder! Thank you guys.
Just buy it. It's a good investment for an agency owner.
Sahil Jitesh
Serious about WordPress? Buy this!
I have been working with WordPress for over 10 years now, and have developed and sold countless websites in that time. Custom fields have always been a particularly strong point of the platform, but ACF has usually been the crowning king to provide that functionality... until now. Meta Box has been on the scene for as long as I have, but the plugin has grown and evolved since the early days. Massively. I could go on for days about how the code is clean, how the performance is fantastic, how it has more features than the competitors etc etc - but I don't need to. Take these glowing reviews and testimonials as a mark of how good this product is. I have replaced ACF entirely in my workflow, I no longer use Toolset and Pods is last years news... support the developers and buy Meta Box.
Must buy for web developers
Must buy for web developers. If you create WordPress websites for a living, just buy it. Top notch tool.
I prefer Meta Box over ACF. They have more fields, a custom database tables extension (great when working with large datasets), a better Gutenberg block extension (supports twig templating) etc.
Raj Siva-Rajah
No longer just for coders!
Meta Box is the most comprehensive and professional plugin in this segment. Keep up the good work, a professional plugin does not have to be complicated to use.
With Meta Box with can drop the CPT UI, you don't need an extra addon to see the code needed, and on the surface it just looks more complete. Meta Box isn't new, it has a big enough team for you to buy in confidence knowing that you are in safe hands for years to come! Meta Box is easier on your database as well, so you should get some performance boosts on larger websites.
This tool is mature, great and very well documented.
This tool is mature, great and very well documented. WordPress + Elementor Pro + basic theme (like Hello theme) + custom posts/taxonomy and you can design any website with very few plugins. With Meta Box, I have all what I want. In addition they provide a thorough and relevant documentation. Each time I was thinking about contacting their support, I finally found the answer to my question in their documentation! It's a must have for any wordpress developer.
WordPress in Overdrive!
If you're anything like me and interested in mild or involved WordPress building then buy Meta Box to take WordPress beyond Blogging… Meta Box stands out with its full feature set and specially its code generators letting you unbundle the plugin. Furthermore if you need to bundle you can. On top many features not covered by ACF or neglected and left to third party vendors are included in the list of plentiful extensions.
Meta Box is the best!
I've used another tool similar to Meta Box for years but in 30 minutes of using Meta Box I'm already glad I purchased it and excited to implement on several websites. It's very lightweight, stable, flexible and much more user friendly than other solutions I've used. I would highly suggest picking this if you have a WordPress website. You will never regret adding this type of functionality to your website all in one deal. Very impressed!
Just buy it!
Meta Box opens up a plethora of opportunities once you get a hold of it. It can do almost everything and even more at times when compared to ACF. With a friendly knowledgeable support team and a feature rich plugin, you can't go wrong!
One of the great ones
Meta Box is one of the products you really do not want to miss if you have anything to do with WordPress or even are thinking about working with it in the future. This plugin will unlock so much potential with WordPress and allow you to replace or simply skip buying a myriad of unnecessary other plugins/themes as you will be able to easily create all the content structures for your site you could ever wish for. Best of all, this plugin isn't going to use you as a paying alpha tester, but actually provide extensive functionality paired with rock solid stability - TODAY. Neither of the competitors comes as one holistic package like Meta Box does. It essentially gives you all the beauty, flexibility and feature richness of ACF combined with awesome additional features like many-to-many relationships, creating and managing custom post types & taxonomies(really unlocking the potential to make WordPress ANYTHING you want) without the need for additional plugins or custom coding. Heck, it even comes with built in conditional logic and frontend submissions.
Never miss this!
Purchased without thinking twice! The product is popular, highly stable, feature-rich.
Best purchase ever
Excellent lightweight plugin for meta boxes. Started using it recently and still discovering every day how powerful it is! To the founder, I have just one to say: "Great job man!"
Great Tool!
This is an amazing bargain for a great tool! I've been happily paying for a Meta Box subscription. Meta Box is a great ACF alternative with plenty of flexibility, integrations, and regular updates.
I've been paying for and using it for a while. Meta Box is the real deal! It gets regular updates. The support is AWESOME! The features are robust. It's lean. The Meta Box team really knows they're stuff. If your unfamiliar with Meta Box, it is *NOT* beta software. It's an established, high-performing, production set of tools.
Easier Alternative to ACF Pro
Meta Box is easier to use, has just as many features, and does almost everything ACF Pro can do. In fact, it was so easy to integrate my custom fields on the front end. Took barely 5 minutes for a perfect looking custom post type. The same setup in ACF Pro took me over an hour.
Great, established tool
I strongly recommend Meta Box to anyone who uses WordPress on a regular basis for more than the basics does the same. This definitely ain't no bootstrapped startup trying to get a few early customers - this is the real deal.
Meta Box is a no-brainer!
Their support is responsive with practical answers and they have tons of well written documentation on their site. Meta Box gets my 5 stars without hesitation.
Lightweight plugin for creating custom WP Sites.
I've installed Meta Box AIO plugin which provides me all metabox addons in one plugin and choose what i only need. created a CPT and Custom fields and use it in my theme using documentations. Much explained docs on the site, I like it very much.
Super powerful yet super lightweight
I love how powerful this plugin is, yet the only resources that are loaded on the front end are the ones you need. The devs are SUPER responsive!
Amazing toolkit
It's a great toolkit. The more I play with it, the more I like it.
Igor Tenuki
The things you can do with it are amazing! The support is really good!
Wonderful tool for fast, efficient turnaround
I've been aware of and using Meta Box for various projects for a while. It's great and clean coding for any project. You don't have to look too deep into this before you realize that this is well worth the investment!
Just Awesome!
Meta Box turned into a great choice for our Agency. I started to use Meta Box in a restaurant client for a non-technical client that needs to change things weekly, here Meta Box saved me too much hassle and time. The plugin is clean, lightweight even though it's feature-rich. And I give a sixth star for the documentation. Thanks guys for this plugin!
Top Product
This is really masterpiece. This is not only very powerful solution but also very light for WordPress environment. Isn't that a great combination?
Brilliant Software, delighted with my purchase!
If you use WordPress, this seems like a no brainer! Gives so much flexibility and freedom to design perfect fields.
Happy to be part of custom WordPress world
I bought Meta Box right away. A must have for WordPress website creators. It is a powerful tool and it is easy to use with custom posts and fields. But to use all the wonder possibilities I will definitely have to use my rusty coding abilities. I am in love with all the open possibilities I have now.
What an amazing plugin! Packed full of featured to meet everyone of your developer needs.
  • Fast
  • Not bloated
  • Clean UI that flows to native Wordpress
  • Love that they have the AIO plugin, keeps the plugin directory clean and uncluttered.
  • Great documentation
  • Easy to use
The sky is the limit and it is so nice to see another way to develop clean and fast websites. No more bloated slow page builder sites!!! Thanks for the great work! Highly recommend!!!
Very nice!
Very satisfied with the all-in-one solution. You dont need CPT UI anymore or other plugins to enhance Custom Fields in WordPress. Also works well with Divi
Meta Box is beyond my expectation
This is an awesome plugin with a lot of great features for both simple and advanced needs. It's above and beyond to me: completely adapt all my project's requirements.
One plugin for everything. Awesome interface. 40 field types. Awesome documentation.
Oliver Heller
I've owned and used Meta Box for a long time now and I would recommend it for anyone that builds WordPress sites.
Mike Ray
Your ready-to-use solutions built on top of Meta Box are really a great idea!
Adrien Robert