This free extension integrates Meta Box and Elementor plugins, allowing you to use Elementor to select and show custom fields created by the Meta Box plugin in the templates.

Meta Box fields are available for Post, Archive and Site groups
Meta Box fields are available for Post, Archive, and Site groups

Elementor Pro allows you to create templates for posts and pages. On those pages, you can show not only static content added by Elementor but also dynamic content such as post title and post date. These are called dynamic tags in Elementor.

With Meta Box - Elementor Integrator, you're able to show the values of custom fields created by the Meta Box plugin in Elementor's dynamic tags. That helps you build a template for pages, and automatically pull data from custom fields to output on the front end.

And if you have multiple pages using the same template, then you don't need to touch the page builder every time you create a new post/page. You just need to enter the data into custom fields and they're automatically displayed on the front end.

Meta Box - Elementor Integrator works with all field types and supports multiple elements in Elementor such as heading, text, image, and video. And with its help, you don't have to remember custom field ID. You just need to select them from the dropdown.

Select a Meta Box field
Select a Meta Box field

Video Tutorial

See how to use the plugin to connect Meta Box's custom fields with Elementor in this video:

Meta Box & Elementor Walkthrough | Meta Box Tutorials


  • Supports with all field types
  • Be able to select field from a dropdown, don’t need to remember field name or field ID

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