Meta Box Group

Meta Box Group is one of the best selling extensions of the WordPress Meta Box plugin which allows developers to organize the custom fields, and arrange post meta data in repeated groups logically. Since version 1.1, the Meta Box group has supported unlimited multi-level nested groups  to offer more convenient  logical service.

How meta box group works
How group works

Must Use Situation:

  • You have hierarchical data and want to store them in a more structured way. Meta Box Group can support you to store them in a multi-dimensional format to make them more efficient at accessing information.
  • You want to create some custom post types requiring unknown numbers of entries which contain some custom fields. Such as the collection of books with different authors, content and publish dates.  If you use Meta Box Group, the work can be much easier.

Multi-level Nested Groups

Multi-level groups
Multi-level nested groups are supported (with cloning feature)

Since version 1.1, the Meta Box Group has supported multi-level nested groups with no limits for nesting level. The groups, sub-groups, and fields can be cloned as you see in the screenshot above.

This feature allows you to create a better structure for your data and opens an unlimited possibility using the extension to add more data for your posts. And  when you create a new field type group, which can contain other fields, declaring sub-fields of a group is the same as normal fields. So less coding more convenient.

Collapsible Groups

Collapsible Groups

Sometimes, you need to collapse the sub-fields in a group if they\’re very long to easy to control the content. Since version 1.2, the plugin supports collapsible/expandable groups. In this version, the UI of the group is updated and more beautiful (see the video below).

Besides the ability to collapse/expand groups, you can also:

  • Set the group title numerically or from the sub-field data.
  • Save the collapsible/expandable state.

This feature works well with nested groups.


After organize the the custom fields logically, it is better to display them as the same clear way. We  recommend incorporate Meta Box Group with Meta Box Columns to arrange fields horizontally in columns in a grid (see the screenshots below). By default, Meta Box Group displays fields vertically like normal fields.


  • Organizes custom fields in groups for better appearance and data structure
  • Unlimited repeatable groups
  • Unlimited repeatable field types.
  • Supports nested groups since 1.0.7 & multi-level nested groups since 1.1
  • Supports collapsible groups since 1.2
  • Integrates with existing meta boxes and custom fields easily by a few code


  • You have an “album” post type and each album has a list of tracks (unknown number), each track has information of  title, single, composer, genre. Then you can create a group for the album, which has 4 sub-fields for title, single, composer, genre. The group is repeatable, so you can add more tracks.
  • You have an “event” post type which will last for several days and each day has different opening times. Then you can create a group (repeatable) for the event, which contains information of the event in a single day.  And you need a sub-group to store opening times of each day.


Note: If you use multi-level nested groups, then cloning media fields and WYSIWYG fields can be buggy. It works ok without multi-level nested groups. WYSIWYG fields now work fine with multi-level nested groups.

Want to see more information? Check the DOCUMENTATION!

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