Save time and energy with Meta Box Group by organizing custom fields into repeatable and collapsible, well, groups. Stack similar fields together into a fully customizable and visually-stunning hierarchy.

Make room for well-organized meta boxes and custom fields in forms, pages, posts and infinitely more with the Meta Box Group extension.

Manage Data with Pure Efficiency

With all the data that exists on a website, organization can be chaotic. Grouping repeated custom fields together is an easy way to help developers and end users view and manage data with pure efficiency.

Meta Box Group - Group any fields you want into repeatable and collapsible groups.
Group any fields you want into repeatable and collapsible groups.

Clone Groups like No Other

Repeating groups of custom fields just got easier.

Organize meta boxes and custom fields like no other by placing them into clusters based on categories, content similarities, location on the page or whatever way you want.

Then, you can repeat each group, its sub-fields and sub-groups as many times as you want in one-click with Meta Box Group's cloning feature which isn't available in any other custom field plugin.

You can also drag and drop the repeated groups to reorder them right on the post or page.

Top Features:

  • Organizes custom fields into groups for improved UI, UX and data structures
  • Unlimited repeatable groups with the exclusive cloning feature
  • Effortless reordering with clone sorting option
  • Supports nested and multi-level nested groups
  • Groups are collapsible for easy viewing and visual prioritization
  • Database optimization of sub-fields for reduced bloat

Multi-Level Nested Groups

Meta Box Group supports multi-level nested groups with no limits for nesting levels.

All groups, sub-groups and fields can be repeated in one click.

Multi-nesting allows you to create a more specific data structure on the page. It also opens up the opportunity to add more data to your posts and post types without having to finagle more fields in your code.

You can create multi-level nested groups and clone whatever needs repeating.

Tweak and Toggle

Unwieldy screens are a menace. Collapse away the clutter by toggling those sub-fields in a group. If they're too long, you can control your content and collapse or expand sections, as needed.

With the Meta Box Group extension you can also number your group titles, set the group title to a sub-field value as well as save the collapsible or expandable state.

A Lean, Mean Database Machine

It's not just structural – the Meta Box Group extension can rework your site's database to help bring its efficiency and performance level to an all-time high.

WordPress is great at allowing unlimited data and data types whenever users need a solution. Storing multiple custom fields in WordPress, however, can result in a disorganized jumble of meta tables.

Meta Box Group can help streamline database organization to increase website performance.

Instead of storing each sub-field in its own individual meta table, the extension puts all sub-fields into a single row, reducing the number of rows in a table as well as letting the website access the database more efficiently.

Getting Fancy

After organizing your custom fields, display them just as clearly.

By default, Meta Box Group displays fields vertically, like typical fields. But, you can incorporate Meta Box Group with Meta Box Columns to arrange repeated fields horizontally as columns in a grid for ultimate visual clarity.

Meta Box Group with Columns
Structure your meta boxes with clean lines by also using the Meta Box Columns extension.

To Group or Not to Group?

When you're trying to organize hierarchical information that repeats itself, visual cues are super important, not only for you but for possible clients.

Check out the examples below for details on how Meta Box Group can be.

The Taming of the Shrewd Book Details

Meta Box Group can be used to display publisher data about a book from the book's format, and publication date to the author's name and biography or any other details you want to include.

You can also repeat this structure for as many books as you want with Meta Box Group's exclusive cloning feature.

Each book can have its own title, cover image, and publisher, with the option to edit and add more authors.

Meta Box Group Book Example
Use Meta Box Group to display a variety of information in a single organized place.

Music to My Ears

You can create a music album complete with playable tracks, titles, and any other details you want to be repeated right on your website with Meta Box Group.

To make it happen, create an album custom post type with each track structured to display information similar to the example above. The repeat function makes cloning details simple.

The drag-and-drop feature is helpful for rearranging tracks and the collapsible elements help you visually organize your repeat custom fields while you're working.

Meta Box Group Album Example
Add as many elements as you need with the repeat feature.

Need to See a Doc? We've Got Loads

Sick and tired of being stuck troubleshooting on your own?

We get it.

That's why we have tons of comprehensive documentation on every aspect of Meta Box Group extension and everything else Meta Box. Plus, our expert support team is ready to get you through it all so you can get everything you need to be done with Meta Box and in a flash to boot.