MB Frontend Submission is an extension of the Meta Box plugin which allows developers to create forms for users to submit posts on the front end. The extension supports both post fields and custom fields. Forms can be embeded anywhere using shortcode and requires no custom code.

Post submission from the frontend
Add property form

Frontend Form Made Easy

The frontend form submission is very useful in websites where users contribute content. These websites can be a listing website where users submit their properties and wait for reviews before publishing. Or a review website where users submit their reviews based on some criteria.

Prior this extension, you have to use custom code to display the form in the frontend and manually control how it saves data. The data can be post fields (such as title, content, thumbnail) and/or custom fields (location, rating, area, notes, etc.). It’s a big job and time consuming if you have a long form or want to change an existing one.

With MB Frontend Submission, everything is handled automatically. No extra code. Just use the shortcode and let the extension do the rest.

Post fields are supported

Although built for Meta Box – a plugin that handles custom fields and custom meta boxes, MB Frontend Submission can handles post fields very well. And you can use it to create or edit posts without any limitation. It’s a true solution for post submission!

The extension supports the following post fields:

  • ID (in case you want to update an existing one)
  • Status (in case you want to auto publish submitted posts or put it in the review queue)
  • Title
  • Content (wysiwyg editor)
  • Excerpt
  • Date (datetime picker)
  • Thumbnail

Note: the taxonomies (categories, post tags) can be handled by custom fields in Meta Box (the taxonomy field type).

Many custom field types are supported

All field types are supported, including not only basic fields, but also advanced fields like wysiwyg, date time picker, slider, or file upload. You can use MB Frontend Submission to create a very complicated form if you want.

The clone feature also works!

Show the form everywhere with shortcode

MB Frontend Form provides a shortcode that you can use to display anywhere on your website – whether inside a page content, text widget or within a custom PHP function (use do_shortcode). It’s flexible and user-friendly.


  • Be able to create new posts or edit existing posts
  • Be able to set the submitted post status
  • Supports post fields (title, content, excerpt, etc.).
  • Be able to set the post thumbnail
  • Support almost all custom field types provided by Meta Box
  • Embeded everywhere using shortcode