MB Settings Page

MB Settings Page is an extension for the WordPress Meta Box plugin, which allows you to create settings page(s) for your themes, plugins or websites easier and faster with beautiful syntax. So it not only can create a theme options page or plugin settings page but also can create multiple settings page including top-level menu and submenu pages.

Settings Page - Box Style
Settings Page – Box Style
Settings page with tab style. Since 1.1.0
Settings Page – Tab style

Highlights: Save time, lightweight

No need to go through the Settings API on WordPress Codex, write custom functions to hook into admin menu, nor functions to output settings fields’ HTML. And Each settings page has the similar UI to the post editing screen where you have 2 columns layout. But only weighs 5 files and less than 20KB.


Using MB Settings Page make you utilize the power of Meta Box plugin such as a large number of field types as well as options for each field type


  • Supports top-level menus as well as submenus (see screenshot below)
  • Supports saving settings in an option or in theme mods
  • Supports multiple settings pages, e.g. you can create as many settings pages as you want
  • Supports 1 or 2 columns settings pages
  • Supports 2 styles: meta boxes (like post edit screen) or tab style (like normal WordPress settings page). Tab style is added in version 1.1.0.
  • Uses same syntax as Meta Box (see documentation)
  • Uses the same UI from WordPress and Meta Box
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with Meta Box Columns and Tabs extensions


Want to see more information? Check the DOCUMENTATION

You should use MB Settings Page with:

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