Meta Box Tooltip

Meta Box Tooltip is an extension for WordPress Meta Box plugin, which adds tooltip functionality to your meta fields. When users move the mouse over the icon, it will show custom help information for the field.

Highlight: User-friendly, Necessity

Meta Box Tooltip is a quick way to provide help information for elements. And can help users understand and use / interact with elements in the page more efficiently, such as improving the usability of your page.


For the UI Lover, the Meta Box Tooltip is not enough. If you want to satisfy your client in the more user-friendly way, it is better to beautify the meta boxes’ layout by Meta Box Columns and.Create WordPress-style tabs in 3 styles by Meta Box Tabs.


  • Supports all Dashicons
  • Custom icon by providing URL to icon image. (See documentation)
  • Also supports custom icon image
  • 4 positions of tooltip: `left`, `right`, `top`, `bottom`
  • Easy to adjust old code to add tooltip to meta fields
  • Easily integrate with themes


Display custom text in tooltip
Display custom text in tooltip

Want to see more information? Check the DOCUMENTATION

You should use Meta Box Tooltip with:

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