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Features to Create Whatever You Need

Create WordPress custom fields and meta boxes in any possible combination you can imagine.
Then, quadrupole that and add a googolduplex.

That’s what the lightweight and ultra powerful Meta Box custom fields plugin for WordPress can do for your website.

Simply Uncomplicated

Add custom fields in WordPress and start using a custom form in just a few minutes. It’s as quick as filling out a form.

Select the custom options you want in our Online Generator form, then copy and paste the outputted PHP into your website.

Fast & Weightless

This custom fields plugin for WordPress is speedy and supercharged with no complicated plugin options or admin pages—only quickly integratable code.

No Assembly Required

Adding custom fields to WordPress doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Meta Box works smoothly with any theme, plugin or website.

In And Out

When you add custom fields to WordPress, never lose your data! Meta Box is fully compatible with WordPress import and export functionality, making migration to new sites a snap.

Bring On The Multisites

Meta Box is fully compatible and works well with both individual and Multisite installations.

Gutenberg & GDPR Compliance

Meta Box is completely compatible with Gutenberg and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It doesn't store any personal data or send data to remote servers.

Let The Good Times Roll

Meta Box supports 40+ field types for your full customization needs. Feeling creative? You can also effortlessly create your own field types for any WordPress custom meta box.

Make It Personally Yours

Want a little (or a lot!) more control? Field types have individual settings which can be configured to change their behavior. Add a custom field to WordPress and make it your own!

Clone Yourself Some Time

Replicate WordPress custom fields with the clone feature to save yourself loads of time and effort.

Gettin' All The Things

Want all the options? Go all the way with our All-in-One Developer Bundle. You get the best custom fields plugin WordPress has as well as all the extensions you want. Just choose when you need 'em.

Work That Meta Box

Everything that's input into your WordPress custom fields is integrated into your existing WordPress metatable. It's compatible with existing data and easy to migrate if you so choose.

Go To The Distance

Meta Box has a large collection of actions and filters to help developers increase functionality, change behaviors and explore the capabilities of the WordPress custom meta box.

Open Source All The Way

Meta Box is hosted on Github so top-notch developers and users around the world contribute to it. Feel free to open a new issue if you find a bug or a new way to work with a WordPress custom meta box. You can even fork the project to give yourself ultimate control.

We've Got Your Back

We're not just fixing bugs. We're constantly adding more features and working toward increased functionality for the smoothest custom fields plugin in WordPress. Check out the Github repository to see how we work.

Effortless Updates

We're your new favorite custom fields plugin in WordPress because there's no need to click the "Update Now" button anymore. All extensions have auto-update functionality so you never miss a patch or any cool new features.

Unparallelled Support

We didn't just build a custom fields plugin for WordPress and call it a day. If something goes wrong or you just have a question, we're here for you. Any time, any problem. We’ve got your back. And front.

Rockin' Docs

We know good documentation makes a developer’s life way easier. Our website has a detailed guide to Meta Box, including not only tutorials on adding custom fields to WordPress but also in-depth technical topics.

On The Origin Of Speech Ease

Meta Box has been translated into 17 languages. (That’s a lot of WordPress custom meta box possibilities!) It’s also officially supported by WPML, the most popular multilingual plugin for WordPress. You can start using Meta Box in your native language now.

Full Throttle

Meta Box extensions are plugins that let you add to the core functionality of Meta Box in the way that best works for you.

You can get each extension individually or go all-in and get everything you could ever possibly need from the best custom fields plugin WordPress has to offer with the All-In-One Developer Bundle.

Just the Way You Like It

Experience the common ways our awesome users love creating with their favorite custom fields plugin for WordPress below.

Just Drag and Drop It

Rather not touch code while building your website? Give Meta Box Builder a try.

You can build WordPress custom user fields and forms with our easy drag-and-drop interface. Then, export the PHP code and use the same features without the extra weight of the extension.

You can also do the same for WordPress custom post types with MB Custom Post Type.

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wordpress custom fields builder
custom fields repeater field, group field

Box It Up

If you have a lot of WordPress custom fields, the user interface can be super overwhelming.

Use Meta Box Group to organize your fields and sub-fields into manageable blocks. It’s compatible with multi-level nesting and also a cloning tool to prevent déjà vu.

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Re-"Form" the Situation

Need a custom form for users to submit content such as reviews or real estate listings that compiles in the back-end?

The MB Frontend Submission extension will build it and the custom form will appear anywhere you put the shortcode.

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user submitted posts
save custom fields in custom table

Better Than Mahogany

The WordPress meta table for storing metadata is super flexible but also limited in terms of specifics.

Organize your collected data efficiently and per your workflow so you can easily access anything you need from any WordPress custom meta box.

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Create Templates In Minutes

Getting fields' values and output them on the front end will never be a hard work!

With MB Views, you're able to create templates for your singular or archive pages in minutes, and set conditions to where to show them.

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design templates with MB Views

It Just Keeps Getting Better

And that’s not even a quarter of what Meta Box can do.

Head to our Extensions page to see the complete set of free and premium extensions you can add to the most versatile custom fields plugin WordPress offers to enhance your workflow.

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Do more of the meaningful work you want without the hassle.

Make your life easier, too, with the most versatile and best custom fields plugin WordPress has to offer.

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