Meta Box Columns

Meta Box Columns is an extension of the WordPress Meta Box plugin which can reorganize fields by putting them in the same row aiming to have a better layout, and see/add information easier. It supports to organize fields in a 12-column grid with ease. Like Bootstrap but we doesn’t use its CSS of course.

Must use situation:

when developers register multiple fields in a meta box (such as information about an artist or a person), listing every field one by one down the side becomes the only choice . But this  will make the edit page “too long” and hard to see the overview. So Meta Box Columns can help you to make it organized and clear.

Highlights: Easy to use, Well organization.

It can make long and complicated information short and clear with high-organized overviews which can not only satisfy you but also your clients.


If you like the function of Meta Box Columns, you should not miss using the Meta Box Tabs at the same time. Because it can help you beautify your meta box a lot!


  • Supports 12-columns grid
  • Easy to adjust old code to add columns to meta boxes
  • Feasibly integrate with themes


Want to see more information? Check the DOCUMENTATION

You should use Meta Box Columns with:

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