Meta Box Template

Meta Box Template is a beginner-friendly extension for the WordPress Meta Box plugin which allows you to create custom meta boxes and custom fields in the WordPress edit page using an easy-to-read template and No PHP or coding requirement.

Highlights: No PHP, Easy to use

It is a beginner-friendly extension, with no php requirement  and very easy to use.


If you think Meta Box Template is great, you should try free extension Custom Post Type which is the most popular extensions for Meta Box to help you create and manage custom post types easily and the extension Meta Box Builder which is the perfect extension for WordPress beginners to edit meta boxes and custom fields only by drag-and-drop.These three are the must have addons for the beginners.


  • Changes custom fields names and parameters anytime you want.
  • Copies the template to reuse it in other websites.
  • Supports YAML syntax which offers easy-to-read configuration for template.
  • Supports every parameter of meta box and  field.
  • Supports entire extensions.
  • Easy to use and runs fast.


Want to see more information? Check the DOCUMENTATION

You should use Meta Box Template with:

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