Meta Box Template is a beginner-friendly extension for Meta Box which allows you to create custom meta boxes and custom fields in the WordPress edit page using YAML syntax.

Register meta boxes and custom fields with YAML syntax

The plugin uses YAML syntax to helps you define the meta boxes and custom fields easily. The YAML syntax is very popular in the information technology field, just like JSON, because it allows us to define complex data in a readable format.

You can use YAML to define as many meta boxes as you want with any kind of custom fields inside. It supports all the configuration for meta box and for custom fields. Using this extension, you are transforming from writing PHP array for meta boxes to writing a readable YAML text. If you're new to YAML, then you should check it out. It's very easy to use and easy to understand.

Besides, Meta Box Template opens an ability for you to copy the meta boxes from one website to another without moving code. Just copy the template and save it somewhere. Then paste into the destination website. And all your meta boxes and custom fields appear!


  • Changes custom fields names and parameters anytime you want.
  • Copies the template to reuse it in other websites.
  • Supports YAML syntax which offers easy-to-read configuration for template.
  • Supports all parameters of meta box and custom fields.
  • Easy to use and runs fast.