Meta Box Include Exclude

Meta Box Include Exclude is an extension for the WordPress Meta Box plugin, which helps developers to show/hide these meta boxes only in some situations conditionally by post ID, page template, category, tag or custom taxonomy. Also, developers can combine conditions (include, exclude, logical operator AND, OR) to create as many restrictions as they want. Moreover, developers can write a custom function to check whether or not show the meta box.

Must Use Situation:

Create a meta box for the Contact Us page template only or a meta box for only posts under News category, etc. And each post under these conditions has specific metadata and thus, specific meta box for configuration.It is better to use Meta Box Include Exclude to complete them.

Highlights: Easy-to-use & Less PHP

No more meta box definitions. No more PHP to check. All you need to do is adding conditions for meta boxes, the plugin will handle all of rest for you automatically.


  • Allows to show (include) or hide (exclude) meta boxes under conditions
  • Can combine conditions using logical operator AND, OR
  • Conditions (show/hide by):
      • Post IDs
      • Parent IDs
      • Post slugs
      • Page Templates
      • Categories
      • Tags
      • Custom taxonomies
      • Parent categories
      • Parent tags
      • Parent custom taxonomies
      • User roles (works with MB User Meta extension)
      • User IDs (works with MB User Meta extension)
      • Custom function


Meta Box Include Exclude
Meta Box Include Exclude Screenshot

Note: This extension shows/hides meta boxes when page loads or after saving. It does not include Javascript code to toggle meta boxes immediately when conditions changed. For that purpose, please see the Meta Box Show Hide (Javascript) extension.

Want to see more information? Check the DOCUMENTATION

You should use Meta Box Include Exclude with:

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