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Support MB Relationships Drag and drop order reset without consent Reply To: Drag and drop order reset without consent


Clayton Collie

Anh, any update on either of these two issues?

  1. Add column in database table to store sort order on both sides of the relationship.
  2. Do not change sort order on save. I think Doug hit it on the head here. I have attorneys related to a practice area. Both sides of the relationship have a custom sort order that is thrown off by any of the posts being re-saved. If an attorney changes any content on his bio then saves the cpt entry, his name is pushed to the bottom of the list on the practice area page.

FYI, Clayton is my real name. Juanita is the office manager that bought/signed up this account when we purchased the bundle.

Also, if you give me a little hint about where to look for #2, I can trouble shoot on my end to speed it along.