Meta Box Conditional Logic

Meta Box Conditional Logic is an extension of the WordPress Meta Box plugin which provides a huge set of visibility options for meta boxes, fields and HTML elements and shows/hide them at ease. Developers can control the relations between fields powerfully and create connections and perform any logic between them.


Highlights: Clear Logic, Simpler UI

Developers can make meta boxes work with the exact same logic as they think in reality while still having a simple and clear UI.


  • Objects to set visibility:
    • Any meta boxes registered with the Meta Box plugin or WordPress core meta boxes
    • Any fields registered with Meta Box plugin
    • Any DOM element
  • Lots of operators such as =, >=, <=, contains, in, starts with, ends with, between, regular expression. All of them can combine with not operator to make negate operator (See the documentation for list of conditions)
  • Works seamlessly with entire fields included Group.
  • Set the visibility condition according to other fields’ values, categories, post format, post title and all other form elements
  • Clean and easy-to-understand syntax


It can show a list of fields for a virtual product if the product type is download or show book author’s info fields if the checkbox for the author is checked.

Want to see more information? Check the DOCUMENTATION

You should use Meta Box Conditional Logic with:

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