The Meta Box Conditional Logic extension lets you show fields precisely when you want to and not a second sooner.

The extension provides a variety of visibility options for meta boxes, fields, and HTML elements that help you control the organization of your page-editing experience.

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

Imagine a back end where all custom fields existed on all pages all the time, and somehow, you had to just know which ones to use and when. Everything would be separated and you would have to write hefty functions to connect information behind the scenes.

Fortunately, we live in a better world with better back ends. Lucky you!

With the Conditional Logic extension, developers can control the relationship between fields and powerfully create connections to maximize the efficiency of the process.

Conditional Logic: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

As a developer, you get to lay out the rules of a website and determine what can be seen and when.

The MetaBox Conditional Logic extension lets you extend this power to WordPress to both show and hide fields instantly based on the data that’s dynamically entered on the page.

Not Your Grandma’s Conditional Logic

Do you remember that classic Dominoes game? You line up several tiles and when you knock the first one down, it triggers a chain reaction. Down they all go.

But, what if you decided to knock one of the middle tiles down first? What a twist!

The chain reaction would change dramatically and so would your childhood. Okay, maybe not, but your site’s meta boxes and custom fields would certainly benefit from this kind of change.

Similar to Dominoes, you can set up a similar chain reaction in an infinite amount of ways with your site’s custom fields and meta boxes using Meta Box Conditional Logic.

You can set extra options and fields to dynamically and instantly appear after a specific, desired part of your form is filled out by a user.

Show or hide extra options when you want to in your forms with conditional logic.
Show or hide extra options when you want to in your forms with conditional logic.

Choose Your Own Conditional Logic Adventure

If a meta box doesn’t apply to a particular page template or post category, you can remove it altogether for a polished user experience.

You’ll also get to tailor any page you want with exactly the fields you need.

Decluttering for Developers

While you’re already reducing clutter on your site, why not remove default WordPress elements that don’t apply to the page or post you’re editing?

Remove the “Tag” meta box or even the “Publish” section from an editing page to match form to function.

Conditional Doesn’t Have to Mean Complex

The conditional logic rules to show or hide elements range from super simple to intricately complex and everything in between.

It’s conditional logic just the way you want it, when you want it. It’s everything you have always wanted to do, done for you, and ready for you to customize and control.

Try this on for size: you can check fields with comparison operators such as = and != but also if a field contains a specific word, phrase, or is between, say, a range of dates.

You can even layer multiple conditions on top of each other for a compound statement of extra-specific conditional logic.

Show or hide whatever you want – meta boxes, elements, sections – oh my!
Show or hide whatever you want – meta boxes, elements, sections – oh my!

Top Features:

  • Capability to set the visibility of these key objects:
    • Meta boxes registered with the Meta Box plugin or WordPress core meta boxes
    • Custom fields registered with the Meta Box plugin
    • Any DOM / HTML element such as the Publish or Tags modules
    • An extensive selection of operators to choose from for your conditions: =, >=, <=, contains, in, starts with, ends with, and between. All of them can combine with the Not operator to make a negation (See the documentation for a list of conditions.)
  • Works seamlessly with entire fields’ included Group
  • Ability to set the visibility condition according to other fields’ values, categories, post format, post title, and all other form elements
  • Clean and easy-to-understand syntax

Help! Somebody Get Me a Doc!

No matter the injured code or headache-inducing error, we’ve been there, and we’ve felt the pain.

That’s why we’ve come to the rescue with our extensive, comprehensive documentation on the Meta Box Conditional extension as well as anything else Meta Box.

And we don’t just talk the talk. Our expert support team is ready to take on any problem you throw at them over in our Support Forums so we can get you back to winning the internet.