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Anh Tran

Hi Neil,

Question #1 – how can I implement fields that recognize numerical input as a percentage? I am using the number field now….

It actually doesn’t. You need to write some description to the field to let users know it’s a percentage.

Question #2 – how do I perform calculations and then display the result?

When you insert the code to the front end, please add some calculation before that:

$value = rwmb_meta( 'percentage' );
$value = $value / 100 * $another_field_value;
echo $value;

If you’re using a page builder like Beaver Builder, I’d suggest writing a custom shortcode to put into a text module in BB. The shortcode might be like this (put in functions.php):

add_shortcode( 'your_percentage', function( $atts, $content ) {
    $value = rwmb_meta( 'percentage' );
    $value = $value / 100 * $another_field_value;
    return $value;
} );

In a text module in BB, simply insert [your_percentage] and your result will appear.