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Came here for this problem, but even with update 1.3.3 it persists.

                     'name'   => 'Order Regels', // Optional
                        'id'     => 'orderregels',
                        'type'   => 'group',
                        'clone'  => true,
                        // Drag and drop clones to reorder them?
                        'sort_clone' => true,
                        // Sub-fields
                        'collapsible'   => true,            // true / false
                        'save_state'    => false,            // true / false
                        'default_state' => 'collapsed',     // collapsed / expanded
                        'add_button' => 'Artikel toevoegen',
                        'group_title' => array( 'field' => 'artikelid' ),

Also, when there’s only one item in the group there’s no way of removing it. You have to create a new one first because the remove link doesn’t show, only the sort drag-handle.