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Support MB Views add attributes to mb views shortcode

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    Marek Lange

    Is it possible to extract passed attributes to custom view (via shortcode) ?
    For example [mbv id="3000" foo="bar"]
    Then inside template get foo value.
    I have tried:
    {% mb.shortcode_atts(array('foo'=>'default'), $atts); %}
    But it breaks wordpress and i dont have a way to analyse logs or use wordpress debug.
    I must also admin that Twig syntax is still mystery for me. I havent seen many good examples of it other then display some value or simple loop.

    Finally I want to use mb view to display posts from category as carusel. Category would be shortcode attribute. So i can reuse template for different categories. Is there a better way?
    And page is build with elementer which I hate. Shortcodes will be used by wordpress page maintainer.

    Thank you

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