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    Is it posssiable to let vistors add taxonomies?

    for example I add a taxonomy named “student come from”

    the vistors can add “USA” / “Japan” / “England”

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    the vistor can add to the wp_term talbe a record like

    term_id(auto insert)/name/slug(auto insert)

    auto(for example 123)/”USA”/”usa”

    at the same time add to the wp_term_taxonomy
    term_taxonomy_id 123
    term_id 123
    taxonomy student_comefrom
    description any
    parent 0
    count any

    I hope MetaBox can help

    PS:I have brought all the plugs


    Anh Tran


    Yes, that’s possible. Please add a new parameter 'add_new' => true to the taxonomy or taxonomy_advanced field and then users will have an extra input box to enter a new term.

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