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    Resolved Jim Hunter

    I am creating a page that will display all the posts (CPT) for a given custom taxonomy. It was simple to output the post title but it is only showing the first 10, like a normal wp_query would show. How can I make it display them all? Here is the test code (entire view code) I have that only displays 10 of the 18 CPTs.

    {{ }}<br />
    {% for post in query.posts %}
        {{ post.title }}<br>
    {% endfor %}
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    Long Nguyen


    You can change the posts per page for the default query in Admin dashboard > Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most.

    or use the custom query, please read more on the documentation

    Jim Hunter

    Setting the limit in the Settings page did the trick. Thanks for the tip.

    Have I mentioned today what a great job you guys do? I have turned a few of my friends away from ACF and to MB, because of how awesome your product is.

    Long Nguyen

    Thank you for your referral. Have a nice day.

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